Social media website traffic using advanced segments in google analytics

Google Analytics is a Visit to your site. When you make a Google Analytics account you are given a code that connects your site with your account, so only you have access to your site’s statistics. Google Analytics is brilliant for finding useful information about your website traffic; you can:

  • Track how many people have visited your site.
  • Compare visitor conversion rates or user behavior to even years or months.
  • See what device they used to see your site Computer, phone, iPod, Blackberry etc.
  • There’s a world map that shows you in the visitors reside what states.
  • Lets you monitor an online or offline advertising campaign’s effectiveness.
  • You have these emailed to you and can generate customized reports.

Google Analytics is a Service which lets you monitor make business decisions concerning your internet presence. Among the most helpful reporting programs available to you is having the ability to compare site traffic with previous times of the year, so if you had an Ad campaign busy for a month, then you could see whether there was any change in consumer behavior or visitor conversion rates compared to the prior month. Google gives you access to hundreds of charts and information reports to visualize the information being saved for your site, for you teach the info you 34, which make it nice and simple.


Services like Twitter, LinkedIn and face book are excellent for communicating with others online and sharing information. Social networking is a term used to refer to cellular and web based technologies that enable individuals to communicate and share information over the web. Companies use a wide Range of marketing methods to promote brand their business, products and solutions, and Social Media lets them engage with customers on a scale so that it’s important that they know where their marketing efforts are successful. Among the more Things to do inĀ Direct traffic Google analytics media is having the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your effort, about what Google Analytics can perform, but hopefully you will learn more. You would think that Monitoring Social Media visitors would be straight forward, but with the party twitter programs like Hoot suite Tweet Deck and Twee tie your site traffic gets harder to track.