Bashir Dawood going places to help each child

This a famous help group that is sponsored by the Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood, the foundation is quite famous for its contribution in the relief efforts in Pakistan.

children's health care

About the foundation and helping aids:

In the 2000s there was a turbulent decade in World and Pakistan. The terrorism reached the height where it got uncontrolled and extremely difficult for the government to manage the situation and along with this the natural disaster cases increased. Millions and millions of the citizens flee from their national homes in order to keep themselves safe from the extreme conditions that were happening in the nation.

Several floods, two major earthquakes and crippling drought resulted in a loss of natural resources, causing adverse climatic situations and emigration of notable pollution. People had to manage with the loss of livelihood, livestock and even life was put in danger. There was a sense of fear among the people and everyone was wishing for a better place.

This caused the forces of the region to come together for the sake of helping people of the nation. International humanitarian aid organizations, the Pakistani army, government and the citizens of the nation themselves came together in the mission to abate the hardship of areas affected by calamities that happened to the region. The organization believes that they can help every help every individual in need and can make a difference in their lives. Every individual is invited to join this campaign in making difference to the lives.